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Product design with an industrial touch. Ranging from interior design to fashion accessories; at qoowl we choose for the unexpected. We do so through our choice of materials, or the shape of our products. Run by industrial designer Wisse Trooster. Founded in 2011 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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We are a small, young company and we rely on people like you, who share our passion for design and products. We would really appreciate your help in sharing our products with your friends and family. Thank you!


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The first 100% wooden pair of sunglasses. Birch plywood is the only material used, there are no hinges and it’s not necessary to use a strap. At 14 grams, ShadE is extremely light weight.

Price: € 25

Size: 15 x 5 cm


Per Meter 01

Chameleon Clock

Recovery Table


Recovery Furniture

Hands of Time – DAE

Lamp Ligne

Hands of Time